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Sarah Estes

UX Designer

Hi, I’m Sarah Estes, the founder of Pistachio Designs. With over 5 years designing user experiences in the defense and 9-1-1 industries, I started Pistachio Designs in 2016.

My day job is designing user interfaces for 9-1-1 call takers and miscellaneous 9-1-1 applications. This extremely rewarding work helps me focus on the critical details for ensuring seamless user interactions and an enjoyable user experience.

When I’m not working at the office (or spending time outside with my dogs and husband!), I love collaborating with small business owners and non-profits to discover ways we can refresh their branding and website. Many times the owners are so passionate about the day-to-day business activities, that it can be difficult for them to figure out where to start on updating their website.

That’s where Pistachio Designs can help! Send us an email today to describe your upcoming project, or where you’re stuck, and we can get cracking on what we do best!

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What We Do

Domain Set-up

If you need a new website, we’ll help guide you through the steps of purchasing and configuring a new domain. Even if you have an existing website, we can help recommend preferred domain registrars for easy website maintenance.

Website Design and SEO

Together, we’ll craft an engaging user experience for your website’s audience. Our work is grounded in web design and mobile-friendly best practices, which help promote healthy SEO.

Email Integration

Got mail? We do that too! It’s a good practice to consider your site’s email integrations while refreshing the website. We’ll be there to help you review your current email set-up and make sure it’s still the best fit for your needs.

Our Work

Kapsak Law website
Beckert Financial Services website
Sarah Levison for Mayor website
da Cunha Law website
Boulder County Senior Law Day website

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